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Synergy Dance Outreach

Synergy Dance Outreach deliver accessible dance, fitness and yoga classes to people with disabilities.

With funding from Sussex Community Foundation, the charity delivered 42 specialist special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) Family Yoga and meditation classes for children and young people with SEND conditions, together with their siblings and other close family members in Littlehampton.

The yoga sessions, allowed families to come together to relax, learn new skills, build confidence and resilience, and discover supportive networks.

Anna*, mum to Tina* who has special educational needs, attends the family session with her daughter. Anna said:

"I wanted to let you know that Tina and I LOVE the family yoga class! After our first class, Tina had the biggest smile and said, “Thank you mummy for letting us do it”. We love the teacher and the scents and oils and relaxation at the end of the class.

I felt so good after the first class. And I know it’s helping Tina with relaxation. Our teacher Mariana explains the exercises and checks to ensure we are doing it properly. It is so good for us both to help us to unwind and breathe. And I love a class that we can do together and with so many health benefits!

The most exciting thing is that last Thursday, I had to work so my partner took Tina, in my place. He had never done a yoga class before, but he loved it too! He felt calmer, more relaxed and peaceful (this is so important for him as a GP so he can speak positively about the health benefits of yoga).

Stress levels are high for kids ages 11-12. Yoga is such a good way to help manage that stress and feel more positive too.

Thank you so much!"

The class provided numerous health benefits and also it united them as a family.

Synergy Dance Outreach received a grant of £4,612 from the Inspire Fund.

*names have been changed for anonymity purposes.

To find out more about this organisation visit
Synergy Dance Outreach website here

Published on 24th Feb 2023

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