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Making Sussex a better place to live for everyone.

An introduction to what we do.

We bring inspirational people together to create the change Sussex needs. Philanthropists & investors, leaders in businesses & communities, volunteers & founders. Together we’re helping to create a Sussex where people and communities thrive.

Sussex Community Foundation makes it easy for Sussex people to give money to the local causes they want to support and ensure that those donations reach the people that need them.

Our Funding Priorities

Our four funding priorities help to bring clarity to the areas we support. Through them, we fund hundreds of charities and community groups across a range of causes, in communities all over Sussex. It’s all part of achieving our vision of a fairer, more equal Sussex.

Tackling Poverty

Reducing poverty and disadvantage in our communities.
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Improving Health

Helping people live longer, better lives.
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Reaching Potential

Providing life-changing skills, education and training.
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Acting on Climate

Taking local action for the climate.
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An open grant maker.

At Sussex Community Foundation, we’re committed to being an open and trusting grant maker. We are one of the Flexible Funders, signed up to IVAR’s eight funder commitments, to fund charities in an open and trusting way. We openly publish information about our grant making programmes on 360Giving.

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"People look at Sussex as quite well off and comfortable but there are pockets of deprivation. It is in my view a scandal that there are areas in Sussex which are in the bottom 20 per cent of national measures of social deprivation."

The 10th Duke of Richmond
Founder of Sussex Community Foundation
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