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Donor Advised Funds.

Get involved in local philanthropy.

One of the main options we offer donors is our Donor Advised Fund. This is a great way to get involved in local philanthropy, without the cost and hassle of setting up your own charity. Your fund is ring-fenced and makes grants to causes you care about. There are tax advantages, and we’ll provide personalised philanthropy advice.

There are two main types:

A flow-through fund spends your donation as grants, usually within a year. You can start from £25,000 and a commitment to future giving. The typical contribution to the Foundation is 10% of each donation.

You can also consider an endowment fund, which is invested and grows for long-term benefit. You can start with a donation from £25,000 or £100,000 if you would like to be involved in selecting grants. The typical contribution to us is 3% of donations and 1.5% of the capital value per annum after one year.

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Get in touch for an informal conversation about your needs and aims and to find out how we can help. Email or call our Philanthropy team on 01273 409 440 .

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"After my retirement I have been enjoying various hobbies and interests, but I am conscious that the next phase in my life also needs to involve helping others. I had thought about starting our own family charitable foundation, but I was concerned about issues around governance, investment of funds and finding the right charities who would benefit. Fortunately, I was introduced by a friend to Sussex Community Foundation. They are great for local giving, they do all necessary regulatory work and invest our money where it is most needed."

Nick Munday
Current fundholder at Sussex Community Foundation
Sally Horrox Head of Marketing
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