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Acting on Climate.

Taking local action for the climate.

The climate emergency is a global one. But the effects are local, and many of the solutions are too. This route helps us reach all those in our communities who are both affected by, and taking positive and proactive action on, the climate, nature and biodiversity.

Our grants will help people who

  • Are affected by the climate emergency, loss of nature and biodiversity
  • Are taking action locally
  • Are engaging their local communities
  • Are building networks to grow their impact

By supporting organisations that

  • Help with wildlife conservation and recovery
  • Help communities become greener and more biodiverse
  • Promote renewable energy and carbon reduction
  • Create community gardens and grow food
  • Provide environmental education and training
  • Promote reuse and recycling
  • Share knowledge and awareness of the climate emergency

Help us now by acting on climate.

Donations are pooled with others in the community to enable impactful grant making in this area. You can make donations of any size and it will make a real difference to people’s lives.

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