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Lawson Trust Match Challenge

How does it work?

Alongside our long-standing partner, The Lawson Trust, we are excited to announce an opportunity to further grow philanthropic support in Sussex for the long term. Until 1 October 2024, The Lawson Trust will add 50% to new donations to Sussex Community Foundation. Funds will be invested for long-term sustainability with a percentage of the capital used each year for grant-making to create life-changing impact for people across Sussex.

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How we can help.

If your clients want to make a positive impact in their community through their charitable giving, this is a great opportunity for them to get maximum impact from their investment.

Get in touch with our Philanthropy Team to discuss the next steps. We can work with you to ensure your clients are provided with the best possible advice on effective and efficient giving.

For more information, contact:

Stephen Chamberlain, Head of Philanthropy
Or call: 01273 409 440

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An introduction to the Match Challenge

With Kevin Richmond, CEO and Stephen Chamberlain, Head of Philanthropy

Supporting local causes.

Everything we do at Sussex Community Foundation focuses on making Sussex a fairer and more equal place. We do this by enabling local people to support local causes, making grants to small charities and voluntary groups working in communities across Sussex. Since 2006 we’ve worked with over 3,020 local charities and community groups across Sussex, covering a range of needs and causes.

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